A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Enjoy a fun-filled, chaotic day out in the park with up to four players... and lots of deer!

Dear Biscuits is a couch multiplayer party game for 2-4 players. Set in a modeled and hand-painted locale inspired by our experiences in Japan's Nara Park, it is designed for players of all ages to be able to easily participate in some deer-feeding frenzy.

Dear Biscuits was created as our final thesis project as students of JMC Academy.

How to Play

Analog Stick - Movement
A Button (Hold) - Feed
A Button (Tap) - Dash

Feed some deer to bring them to your island. The player with the most deer by the timer's end, wins! 

A random event occurs every minute. Each event can bring large amounts of variance and really turn the tables around, so be sure to quickly adapt to whatever the game throws at you.

All modern controllers should be supported. Unfortunately, there are currently no keyboard/mouse controls, nor are there any plans to implement them.

Although it wasn't exactly designed with this in mind, the game can begin with only one player. By all means, please do feel free to play solo- though do be aware that there isn't a loss state in place for single player sessions.


Benjamin Pangrazio

Chase Mallee
Emma Tatam
Icun Prayitno
James Pitt

Joseph Dipisa-Fiorenza
Pieter Julian Triharto

Angela Pinila
Daniel Dang


DearBiscuits_Windows.zip 24 MB
DearBiscuits_Mac.zip 24 MB
DearBiscuits_Linux.zip 25 MB

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